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Receive personalized service based on your prime objectives — whether they be nascent creations or optimizing existing products:  cosmetics, natural beauty products, non-prescription topical (antiseptic, suncare-sunscreens, eczema, antidandruff, analgesic-pain relief), and orals (nutraceutical, multivitamin, antioxidant, and plant-based supplements).


As we develop your product — and in order to guarantee a rigid adherence to regulatory procedures — we  oversee all required analyses; either in-house or with the support of a trusted partner.

Regulations and Quality

Making sure your product conforms to regulation at every stage — from formulation to labeling, and in your commercial materials (website…).  We register and apply through the proper channels in order to make your product launch possible: product license applications for natural health product or non-prescription drugs (NPN, DIN), cosmetic notification, approvals and legal requirements.  MNK Research is there to assist you as you obtain the necessary forms, licenses (site license, establishment license), and certification.


If you are interested in having your employees trained in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) or if you would like to broaden your knowledge on regulations, MNK Research offers an array of cosmetic and pharmaceutical training programs.